Hideous photo of me but I have way too few to be picky.
Julia and Mike had just signed the purchase of their new house a few hours earlier so we ate out to celebrate. D.C., 18th Street.
Julia and her mom the next morning. Springfield, VA
And Vassil. Note how caffeine contributes to improved appearance.
Julia, her mom, and Mike were leaving for Florida a few hours later, so I went back to DC to leave my bag at Emil's place and to meet Mei Yuk.
Emil's apt. bldg., the Holland, a few blocks from Dupont Circle.
Dr. Tang eating tortilla chips.
If the setting looks familiar, here's why.
Even the Bulgarian waiter was still there and served us!
Some Haagen-Dazs for dessert, as always.
Random statues throughout the city.
Mei Yuk thought this looked like the Russian Church in Sofia.
In front of the house usurped by Le Cretin du Crawford.

Friday early afternoon. View from Emil's living room.
and I went out the night before and I didn't go to bed till 7am, which messed up my schedule a bit.

View from Emil's kitchen.
Coffee and cigarette on the roof.
Random glimpses of D.C.
The United States Congress and a few senators.
The National Art Gallery. Once again, there was no time for it.
Beware! Terrorist pigeons!
What is that suspicious man doing there?
The corner(s) of the East Building of the Nat'l Art Gallery.
The Canadian Embassy
Archives of the "United States of... Amnesia".
The Institute for International Economics, across the street from Emil's work, the Brookings Institution.
Saturday afternoon: Mina and Dan finally arrive! Mina's hair is short now! Wow!.
Mina brought "gyuveche"s which we cooked and ate--yuuuum!
Classmates at Dupont Circle
Emil is convincing Mina of something.
Dan: "I shouldn't have slacked with my Bulgarian!"
Oh no! The pigeons-of-evil are coming again!
Nice purse, officer!
Bulgarian umbrellas?
And Greek mpyra.
Almost sunset.
The party was just starting, but I really had to leave for Baltimore, where Pavlina, Kuopao and Ana were waiting to go out together. I had to change two Metro trains, one bus, one shuttle, and the partially dysfunctional Baltimore light rail. It took 3 hours to cross the otherwise short distance, which convinced me of the superiority of the San Fran Bay Area mass transit system.
Kuopao and Pavlina in their traditionally reciprocal (reciprocally traditional?) outfits.
Coffee and cigarettes on the roof again!
Mme. Castro!
"Quiche-eating liberals"
View from kP's office.
Pavlina, Kuopao, Mideh, Vassil
Blurred vision...
Final glimpses of Baltimore.
Penn Station.
The MARC train was more practical than the Baltimore airport bus, however, it too was painfully slow. Its smell reminded me of BDZ (Bulgarian Railways). Unlike BDZ trains, however, no alcohol was served on board...
Gare Centrale Sofia? No, Union Station in D.C.!
Union Station
I'll try to remember this the next time I travel.
Station roof. Rude USPS service. Dirty bathrooms. Great pannini!
The Supreme Court.
No comment.
Congress is busy rebuilding the Constitution...
Dept. of Labor
Orlov most?
A rendition of the future Newseum, or "interactive museum of news". This and the following images were posted next to the construction site, near the DC Mall.
An evening rendition.
Newspaper front pages posted outside.
"Theater" is an extremely appropriate title. "Liberty," the reportedly "saved-from-the-evil-Iraqis" Private Jessica Lynch, a "smart" missile, "Breaking News" reports of "52 casualties", etc. Fox News ad nausea.
On the flight back to Cali. Some city in the Midwest.
Descending upon Oakland.