Breakfast in Irvine
Regular clients, it seems.
Lavish houses in Laguna Beach.
I tried to take out the ones that were too kitschy, but I may have missed a couple - there were a lot!
A surprisingly high number of pneumonia enthusiasts, playing in the cold ocean.
I know, I know. You wish it was you who took this picture, don't ya! ;-)
Tony's heading to the car..
OK, remember this terrible picture when, in a couple of months,
you see this other, tanned, in-shape, sexy Vassil...  ;-)
The main street in Laguna Beach.
I'd kill for this house, in that spot. Wonderful balcony (I imagine).
The poo-colored one is not too bad either.
Imagine waking up to this every day...  
Tony is drooling also.  
These were kind of iffy, but I decided not to censor them.
This one was very funny, although you can't see why on this photo: the entire parking platform (see next photo) was hanging in the air, above the void.
The owners were apparently untroubled by the forces of gravity.
Those must still be a couple of millions each.
Palma de Mallorca?
LA at night.
Tony spent a small fortune on our breakfast at the Urth Cafe in LA.
Didn't have time to go there... Next time, maybe.
ATARI dork and a chair