Nick and Travis when we finally got ready to leave.
Travis had to make a U-turn and repark his Rent-a-Wreck Nissan because the Woman in White (on the right) told him he "should better not park on this side"...
Despite the neighbors, the area is quite nice.
Cozy spaces inside the house.
With recent advances in genetic engineering, it is now possible to crossbreed cats and pigs!
Spectacular view from the living room.
There's even a Steinway. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph Chris's delightful performance of Chopin.
Travis is busy scheduling dates in the backyard.
Nick is trying to pacify Sebastian, Phillip's yippy terrier.
Kasper and Alex discussing art.
Nick is getting the barbeque started. Where's the food? ...
     it is (the food)!
Street yoga?
After-party hang-out with Daniel.
Thank you.