When I got out of the BART at Embarcadero Station, a couple of the streets of the financial district were cut off for traffic by the police...
Maybe some demonstration, I thought... Until I saw the cameras. One of the staff told me they were shooting the video for the new Infiniti (Nissan North America) commercial.
Here it comes.
Yeah! Die pigeons, die!
If you bones old and creaky, BioCalth make bones happy!
Getting hungry due to the smells.
Enjoying lunch at the "Praha" cesky restaurace in the city. Discussed some politics with an intelligent bum who also took this picture for me.
Okay, okay, I can take you there if you insist...
Authenticity - occasionally you can even smell it! ;-)
BTW, there seem to be fewer fat people in SanFran. :-)
No kidding! Don't forget to tie your car to a tree, too!  
As I was taking this photo, a lady walked past me and smiled, "It's beautiful, isn't it?" - "Oh yeah, I love it!," I replied. "I know," she said. "I get too see it every morning. I live right over here."  (...)
You can catch seasickness by just driving around here...
If you roll over the car on top, the rest will follow, like dominoes! :-)
BTW, what is that "Park at 90 Degrees" sign supposed to mean?
From the hill leading to the lighthouse.
City-feeling. A Mercedes w/ "F" for "France". Circular public toilets. Lots of beggars. Weird and cool.
Back to Chinatown.
Red hot naked chicken. Or what is it?
Almost like Hong Kong - although not as clean and hi-tech.
  I was wondering whether to take the trolley or keep walking...  
Luckily, I chose the latter. No sooner than I got to the top of the tunnel, our old friends from Infiniti arrived and blocked off the intersection and the tunnel to do some picture-taking...
Infinitely inept, insensitive, inappropriate... I hope they paid a lot to do this.
Some natives are enjoying the circus.
Why did I leave my roller-blades in Lubbock?! ;-)