Xmas day: In honor of JC's birth, the city is quite dead.
Save for a couple of big-dog owners...
Neat, huh?
SFMoMA again (see older pics).
These streetlights inspired me to make a couple of bootleg versions of mine (check one and two).
More will come after I find out why 3DS Max keeps crashing my computer lately.
Naturally, I left my sunglasses at home that day. SF weather is very unpredictable.
Posing in front of a corporate Xmas monstrosity. No presents were given.
Some kitsch for the soul.

Left-lane or right-lane traffic?

Fashion victims.
More authenticity.
Early every morning, when the baker brings out the bread, the people waiting outside start
shouting: "Me! Mee!" ;-)
I think I can actually see that kid's butt (the one in the white t-shirt). Can't you?
If you cannot stand prolonged exposure to urban insanity, the beautiful views will tranquilize you.
  San Franciscans have a pretty adequate understanding of politics.  
Green house?  
Ghetto assembly: the homeless gather to enjoy junk-food leftovers. The Xmas sun brings warmth
to the holiday atmosphere, as the flag proudly salutes visitors to the UN Plaza.
As an act of solidarity, the seagull eagerly awaits the leftovers from the beggars' leftovers.
In the meantime, it is trying to enjoy the neo-classical architecture of the Civic Center.
Excerpts from the UN Charter are inscribed on the pavement, for everyone to... spit on?
Bundestag-like cohabitation of styles.
Statue of Ashurbanipal, a great king of Assyria...
...presented to San Francisco by "the Assyrian people", also
known as "modern Iraqis"... "Peace unto the dwellers of all lands."