I've been watching this sign at BART stations for a while, and I'm beginning to worry about its message. You don't think they mean it literally, do you?
Back to the SF Public Library.
The tables next to the large windows are a neat place to sit and read.
From our sponsor: That hotel offers excellent views to the city ;-)
Eh, whatever! If it weren't for the contrast of the contemporary
additions around, this would be ugly.
Greenish windows.
The wind-interactive L-shaped installation in front of the library.
Urbanites and tourists.
"Te amo, querida" ...
The library's sixth floor.!  
Chess-players, upscale shoppers, and beggars on Market Street... The F-Line of the MUNI uses recycled streetcars from various US and foreign cities.
Scary triplets!
OK, OK, he didn't have any brothers! And if he did, they weren't present! ;-)
They used to have churches and sidewalk crucifixes in the past.
Nowadays it's hypermalls and megabillboards. :-)
This guy was actually quite good!
Ohh, how sweet!  >;-P.
Hundreds of interesting and/or good-looking individuals of all types and races...
...but the Pink Militia lady was my favorite of all! ;-)
Evening traffic in Chinatown. Time to head back...