My roommate Russell and I both needed to go to the city. He needed to do some research at the Botanical Library of the Golden Gate Park (the part in SF), and I had to pick up a book on hold at the SF library.The trip was great; I got to see a beautiful area of the city that I hadn't yet visited and that in some ways reminded me of home: the park, the Muni steetcars, the unpretentious street cafes...
The outlandish relay tower on the peak. Kasper and Mel took me there in February; the view is fantastic.
There were plenty of bird-watchers in the park. Later I saw this one again and asked him to take a picture of me.
People and birds resting at the lake. I also laid here for a while, waiting for Russell.
Watching a bird-watcher.
Russell taking a break on the floor of the SF Public Library's atrium.
"Okay, I'm rested now."
The glass roof of the building is also the motif of the library's logo.